Stingray Point Lighthouse

Lighthouse Replica Stingray Point

Stingray Point Marina is home to the Stingray Point Lighthouse, an exact full-scale replica of the original Stingray Point screwpile lighthouse built in 1853 that stood watch over the shoal at Stingray Point, which separates the Rappahannock and Piankatank Rivers. The light remained in service until 1965, when the house was removed and a skeleton tower erected on the old foundation.

Stingray Point Lighthouse at Stingray Point Marina

Stingray Point LighthouseStingray Point gets its name from the 17th century when Captain John Smith was stung on the point by a stingray while fishing. Smith was seriously injured by the sting, and even gave orders to his men as to the disposal of his body. However, he was saved when Native Americans provided a cure, found at a nearby creek, now known as Antipoison Creek. (from Wikipedia).Deltaville, in its earlier history, was the work-boat building capital of the Chesapeake Bay. Vestiges of this history are prevalent and it remains the center of sailing, fishing and seafood activities in the middle Chesapeake.Stingray Point Lighthouse History