Opening Day PARTY!!!

Opening Day Marina Partyopening day party

Those of you who have been around the marina for a while know that we can throw one heck of a party. Well, April 26th is the beginning of Opening Weekend for the marina and Stingray Harbour Yacht Club! On Saturday, April 26th from 2:00 – 5:00pm we will be having our famous annual Open House Party in the Stingray Point Lighthouse! Free food and adult beverages (and soft drinks). There will be plenty of food and drink for all so mark your calendar and plan on being here to say hello to old and new marina friends!

Spring De-Winterizing

We are planning on de-winterizing the marina by the weekend of April 5th if Mother Nature cooperates! I know we all are looking forward to washing our boats, filling our water tanks and using the restrooms closest to our slips!

Driveway Paving
We will be resurfacing the main entrance drive as soon as the weather breaks. I have asked for notice from our contractor, but we have no guarantee he will give it to me prior to arriving to do the work. If you arrive and see the work equipment, for those of you on A, B, and F Docks, please use the drive from the boat yard next door ( F Dock go in front of the lighthouse and around to your slip ). G, C, D, and E Docks, please use the far entrance to the marina. Also beware of your speed on the new drive. We are installing speed bumps!

Safety First
Take a look around the marina. Notice anything new? We are always looking for ways we can improve on marina safety. There are now 16 new bright orange life rings installed through out the marina. Please take the time to locate the one nearest your slip just in case of an emergency.

Opening Day PARTY!!!
Now, everyone who knows me, knows I love a party!!!! Those of you who know me also know that I can throw one heck of a marina party. Well, April 26th is the beginning of Opening Weekend for the marina and Stingray Harbour Yacht Club! On Saturday, April 26th from 2:00 – 5:00pm we will be having our famous annual Open House Party in the Stingray Point Lighthouse! There will be plenty of food and drink for all so please write down the date and come and say hello to old and new marina friends! I can’t wait to see you all!!!

Schooner Virginian
I would also like to let everyone know that the Schooner Virginian will be in Deltaville the weekend of April 26th. It will be docked at Fishing Bay Harbor Marina. Please visit our Facebook page for more information on tours and activities throughout the weekend.

Privacy Appreciated
Last of all, as the season approaches, I would like to thank everyone for respecting my privacy and “off duty time” while I am on my boat. All the marina phone calls that go directly to the office number ( 804- 776-7272 ) and the emails about marina issues have really allowed me some “me time”. Of course, if there is a true emergency, LET ME KNOW!!!

Not long now everyone! IT WILL BE A GREAT SEASON!!!!!


Winter Is Here At The Marina

Burrrrrr! It is cold and winter has settled into the marina. As some of you may already know, the marina has been winterized. What this means is there is no water on the docks, no water for filling your tanks onboard, no pump out and the two remote bath houses are closed for the winter. We have the main bath house by the pool open for slip holder usage all winter. I hope it will be a short winter!

Please be aware that updated slips rates effective with the 2014 season have been posted to the website slip rates page. There have been no increases in slip rates for the past three years. In this time period, the marina has completed major capitol improvements. An increase of $100 to $200 per year for most slips on A, B, C, E, F and G docks will be in effect with all future billing. Slip rates remain unchanged for D dock as this was done following completion of renovations.

Remember, we ask that you unplug your boats and do not run electricity to have your heat pumps running on your boat unless you are here and using it. Please empty your refrigeration systems as well. Electricity does go out during winter storms and I would hate to see what will happen in your frig!

Try and stay warm this winter. Remember, spring is only a few months away!

Pooch Party

Stingray Point Marina Dog Friendly MarinaRudder Invites You to Stingray Point Marina’s Pooch Party!

When:   Saturday September 28th
Weather dependent

Time:   3:00 – 5:00pm

Where: Stingray Point Marina on the grass where SHYC tent is usually located, or,…

what do you think about our reserving the pool for a dog swimming party that day??????

Rudder is bringing tennis balls, Frisbees, chuckers, and all natural treats.

Stingray Point Marina is supplying liquid refreshments. All humans attending please bring appetizers to share.

This is open to all well behaved and friendly pets. All human’s are welcomed, even without a pet.

This ought to be a riot! Please come and join us!


Leukemia Cup Regatta

Leukemia Cup Virginia

Leukemia Cup Regatta

The Leukemia Cup Regatta is coming up the weekend of July 12-14. Stingray Point Marina and Stingray Harbor Yacht Club will once again host the social events for this event, which raises money for a worthy cause. Fishing Bay Yacht Club runs the races and there is still time to sign up to race. If you are interested in racing your boat, or just attending the Crabcake Dinner Friday Night or the Gala Dinner Saturday night, you can register here.

New Marina Map

Stingray Point Marina Map

New Marina Map

We have a new map of the marina on our website. It indicates the location of the AED, plus all the swim ladders and fire extinguishers in the marina. Please take a moment to look at the new map and become familiar with the location of these important safety items closest to your slip. Let’s have fun this summer and be safe. Check it out.

Open House Party Photos

We had a beautiful day for the Opening Day Festivities. The open house at the Lighthouse on Saturday afternoon was packed with happy sailors back to start the season. Food, drink and friendships were enjoyed by all. After the open house party, the SHYC had their blessing of the fleet ceremony and the annual burning of the socks. The beginning of another great season of sailing and fun.

Lisa Morrow, marina manager

party pics

party at the lighthouse

party pics

pledge of allegiance

burning socks

Open House in the Lighthouse

Stingray Point Lighthouse in Spring

Come And Celebrate Opening Weekend With Us!!

Stingray Point Marina is hosting an Open House in the Lighthouse for all Slip Holders and SHYC members

Saturday April 27, 2013 from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Last year’s party was great! Let’s make this one even better! We have a lot of new slip holders. Let’s show them how we do things around here and celebrate the opening of a great boating season.

Please come and join us for some greets, eats and drinks!

Spring News

The weather is gorgeous! Where are you? D-Dock is finally done and I am trying to get all my little ducklings to come back to their new slips. We do plan on a celebration of the new D-Dock as soon as we have more boats in the slips. Come on, everybody loves a party!

Photo Contest
I want to let everybody know that our photo contest for 2013 has been launched. We already have a winner and her name is Bianca King. Bianca supplied us with the snowy evening photo that I used in one of our newsletters. She is a recipient of a $50.00 gift card to West Marine. Any image that is submitted and we use it in any of our promotion will be awarded the gift card to West Marine. Please visit our website and you be the judge of images that we are lacking and would be good to use to promote our marina. Who knows, you could be the next winner!

PLEASE DRIVE SLOW THROUGH THE MARINA! I have requested this before, but there are people who continue to think this is The Autobahn and they are in a foreign country. People do walk through the marina with their kids and dogs. Also let’s please limit the amount of dust we create. If this continues to be a problem, I will install LARGE SPEED BUMPS. If you see a car driving fast, please ask them to slow down.

The Ice Machine Cometh
The ice machine is back! Again, it is the honor system of $2.00 (not $1.75 or another amount) into the Tupperware container inside of the ice chest. This worked pretty well last year, let’s see if we can make it perfect this year!

Marina Improvements to Cause Temporary Closures
There will be two temporary closures in the marina while we make improvements. One will be the front main entrance to the marina as we patch the holes and asphalt the entrance. It you see it blocked off, please either enter through the yacht yard next door, or use the entrance on the other side of the marina.

The other temporary closure will be the main pool house as we paint the floor. If you see the entrances blocked off, please use one of our other bath houses. This inconvenience will be during the week and hopefully only for one day. The other bath houses use the same entrance code.

Unattended Cars During Extended Cruises
Please, if you leave on an extended cruise, please park your vehicles in the remote parking lot in front of the office and do not leave your vehicles parked on grassy areas. It makes it very hard for our landscapers to mow and we definitely do not want any rocks thrown through your windows by the equipment! I will thank everyone in advance for their consideration!

Cable Television in Covered Boat Building
I have had several calls from slip holders about not receiving cable television channels. Metrocast went to digital transmission a while back. If your television is analogue, not digital, you will need a separate little black box that converts the digital signal to analog and will allow you to receive channels. I am trying to work with Metrocast to get these boxes. Please send me an email if your television is not digital and you need a black box. I will do the best I can to try and get one for you.

During the last Nor’easter, I pulled out of the water down by G-Dock, a navy blue helm cover. If you have lost your cover, please contact me and I will see if I have Cinderella’s slipper for you!

I could go on and on, but…… I just miss you all. It is time to see your smiling faces, hear your laughter and gaze upon all the gorgeous boats coming and going. The time is NOW, come on down!!!!

In Loving Memory of John Swartwout

John SwartwoutIn Loving Memory of John Swartwout

February 19, 1940 – December 24, 2012

After a brief and courageous battle with cancer, John passed on Christmas Eve morning. He is now at peace and is not suffering any more.

We will all miss John, especially all our fuzzy coated animal friends who all knew his vehicles and that he always carried treats for each one of them. It will be a sad spring this year not to have John driving up and greeting all the slip holders as they return to the marina. I know John would prefer us not to mourn his passing, but instead, raise a glass and toast to all the good times and fond memories we will all carry forward with us of John.

We will all miss you John.

No Memorial Service is scheduled.