Happy Holidays!

Stingray Point Marina

Stingray Point Marina wishes you and your family and friends
the most joyous of holidays and a fabulous New Year!
Brent, Jim, Lisa, Lou and Rudder

Winter is here!

We had hoped to keep the marina open a little longer, but as you may have noticed, Mother Nature is forecast to give us several nights of extreme low temperatures. In order to prevent any damage to exposed pipes and plumbing in the marina, we will be beginning the winterization process of the marina this weekend, November 15-16 starting with the two remote bath houses. Hopefully the marina will be completely winterized by next Tuesday night, November 18th. This will included all dock water, pump out station, laundry facility, our trucked in water for your water tanks and the two remote bath houses. As in the past, the main bath house by the pool will be left open and operational.

Sorry for the short notice. Winter is coming rather quickly to our marina. Let’s hope it doesn’t stay around too long!

Rudder’s Pooch Pawty

Rudder’s Second Annual Pooch Pawty
Marina End of the Season Cookout

When: Saturday October 25, 2014
Where: Poolside at Stingray Point Marina

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Pooch Pawty in the pool
(bring you furry friends for some crazy good fun and social around the pool)


4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Marina Cookout at the pool

The marina will be cooking hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs and providing all the condiments. We will be supplying our usual beverages.
*** Please bring a side dish to share!

Live music during cookout provided by Max Parker & Friends

Mark your calendars and DON’T MISS IT!!!

***Please RSVP to Lisa@stingraypointmarina.com***

Save the Date–Party!

Stingray Point Marina Dog Friendly MarinaSave the Date! Saturday October 25, 2014 will be Rudder’s Annual Pooch Party around the pool. But wait, there’s more…

After the pooch party, there will be an End of Season Party hosted by Stingray Point Marina, with a Live Band!, Food! and Libations! You enjoy the Opening Day party at the marina, now we’ll have a closing day bash to complete the season! Stay tuned for more updates.

Marina on NBC 12 News

Stingray Point Marina was featured today on NBC12 (Richmond) news broadcast about preparing for the coming storm. Lisa Morrow was interviewed, and Ken and Vicki Juul were also interviewed. Sorry, video is no longer available.

Tropical Storm Arthur Preparation

tropical storm Arthur

3 and 5 day track as of 7-1-14

Tropical Storm Arthur Preparations

Although the exact track of this storm remains uncertain, the possibility that this storm will affect our area of the Chesapeake Bay is increasingly likely. All Stingray Point Marina slipholders are advised to begin their storm preparations as soon as possible. Please be aware that slip holders, not Stingray Point Marina, are responsible for securing their boats and personal property on marina premises.

Please monitor this storm to keep yourself informed. We have a link on our website to a variety of sources for weather information, including a link to the Hurricane Center, where you can see path and timing forecasts. Today, Tuesday, the current forecast has the center of the storm near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on Friday morning at 8:00 am. It will be affecting the lower Chesapeake Bay at that time, and throughout the day. Likely make for a not very fun Fourth of July. We will be monitoring the situation as well. Below are recommendation for preparing your boat for potential tropical storms and hurricanes.

Recommended Procedures for a Potential Tropical Storms

Tropical storms have sustained winds from 39 mph to 73 mph and can cause significant damage to boats that are improperly secured. Be aware that a Tropical Storm can be quickly upgraded to a hurricane. In the event Deltaville is in the “cone of uncertainty” path of a tropical storm, boat owners should take the following precautions well in advance of the storm’s projected arrival:

Boats in slips: Reduce windage by removing headsails (including furled jibs), mainsails, sail covers, biminis, dodgers and other canvas. Remove life rafts and other large objects that can catch wind. Check for chafe and wear on dock line and replace or double lines if necessary. Insert chafing gear in chocks if chocks wear substantially on dock lines. Check batteries for charge and charge if needed. Bilge pumps should be on automatic. Port lights and hatches should be securely closed in watertight conditions. Any flags should be lowered and stowed, and halyards should be pulled away from the mast and snugged securely. Close fuel and all overboard sea cocks.

Dinghy Boats on the rack: lash down boats, or remove and take home.

Recommended Procedures for a Potential Hurricane

In the event Deltaville is in the “cone of uncertainty” path of a hurricane, sailboat owners should take the following precautions well in advance of the storm’s potential arrival. Keep in mind that hurricane-force winds start are sustained winds 74 mph. The maximum effects of a hurricane are usually felt within the right-front quadrant. Here the winds are usually the strongest, storm surge is highest, and the possibility of tornadoes is greatest. Begin to implement your plan at the first forecast that the projected path includes Southern Chesapeake Bay, this will give you several days to execute your plan.

In addition, Stingray Point Marina is subject to storm surge in a hurricane event. In Hurricane Isabel and Irene, the storm surge was six to seven feet above mean high tide; waiting to the last minute is very risky. The docks, pilings, and some seawalls were all underwater. Boats left in slips that are not properly secured and present a danger to themselves, to other boats and property, and to persons in the area. Additionally, you might want to remove contents from dock boxes, as they can become flooded during a storm surge, causing water damage to the contents.

Boat Owner Identification: For owners planning to move their boat to upriver locations, Authorities with VMRC and Middlesex County have requested that each boat have the boat owner’s name, vessel name, and contact information placed in a watertight plastic bag and placed somewhere easily accessible, such as unlocked cockpit locker or lazarett. This will allow them to contact the boat owner if needed after a storm.



Best of the Bay!

Best of the Bay-Chesapeake Bay Magazine Logo

We Are So Excited!!!

Stingray Point Marina was listed in 4 categories of Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s “2014 BEST OF THE BAY”!

Every year Chesapeake Bay Magazine asks readers to vote for the “Best of the Bay”. This year 1,600 readers cast votes, and results are divided into Northern and Southern Bay, so all parts of the Bay are represented. For those of you who have not seen the June 2014 issue and the results, here they are for Stingray Point Marina:

Best Mom and Pop Marina- Southern Bay
#2 Stingray Point Marina

Best Marina For Natural Environment -Southern Bay
#3 Stingray Point Marina

Best Dockmaster -Southern Bay
#3 Lisa Morrow!!!

Best Dog-Friendly Marina Entire Chesapeake Bay
#5 Stingray Point Marina

We want to thank each and every one of you that cast your votes and helped us to achieve these ratings.

It means so very much!

Opening Day PARTY!!!

Opening Day Marina Partyopening day party

Those of you who have been around the marina for a while know that we can throw one heck of a party. Well, April 26th is the beginning of Opening Weekend for the marina and Stingray Harbour Yacht Club! On Saturday, April 26th from 2:00 – 5:00pm we will be having our famous annual Open House Party in the Stingray Point Lighthouse! Free food and adult beverages (and soft drinks). There will be plenty of food and drink for all so mark your calendar and plan on being here to say hello to old and new marina friends!

Spring De-Winterizing

We are planning on de-winterizing the marina by the weekend of April 5th if Mother Nature cooperates! I know we all are looking forward to washing our boats, filling our water tanks and using the restrooms closest to our slips!

Driveway Paving
We will be resurfacing the main entrance drive as soon as the weather breaks. I have asked for notice from our contractor, but we have no guarantee he will give it to me prior to arriving to do the work. If you arrive and see the work equipment, for those of you on A, B, and F Docks, please use the drive from the boat yard next door ( F Dock go in front of the lighthouse and around to your slip ). G, C, D, and E Docks, please use the far entrance to the marina. Also beware of your speed on the new drive. We are installing speed bumps!

Safety First
Take a look around the marina. Notice anything new? We are always looking for ways we can improve on marina safety. There are now 16 new bright orange life rings installed through out the marina. Please take the time to locate the one nearest your slip just in case of an emergency.

Opening Day PARTY!!!
Now, everyone who knows me, knows I love a party!!!! Those of you who know me also know that I can throw one heck of a marina party. Well, April 26th is the beginning of Opening Weekend for the marina and Stingray Harbour Yacht Club! On Saturday, April 26th from 2:00 – 5:00pm we will be having our famous annual Open House Party in the Stingray Point Lighthouse! There will be plenty of food and drink for all so please write down the date and come and say hello to old and new marina friends! I can’t wait to see you all!!!

Schooner Virginian
I would also like to let everyone know that the Schooner Virginian will be in Deltaville the weekend of April 26th. It will be docked at Fishing Bay Harbor Marina. Please visit our Facebook page for more information on tours and activities throughout the weekend.

Privacy Appreciated
Last of all, as the season approaches, I would like to thank everyone for respecting my privacy and “off duty time” while I am on my boat. All the marina phone calls that go directly to the office number ( 804- 776-7272 ) and the emails about marina issues have really allowed me some “me time”. Of course, if there is a true emergency, LET ME KNOW!!!

Not long now everyone! IT WILL BE A GREAT SEASON!!!!!


Winter Is Here At The Marina

Burrrrrr! It is cold and winter has settled into the marina. As some of you may already know, the marina has been winterized. What this means is there is no water on the docks, no water for filling your tanks onboard, no pump out and the two remote bath houses are closed for the winter. We have the main bath house by the pool open for slip holder usage all winter. I hope it will be a short winter!

Please be aware that updated slips rates effective with the 2014 season have been posted to the website slip rates page. There have been no increases in slip rates for the past three years. In this time period, the marina has completed major capitol improvements. An increase of $100 to $200 per year for most slips on A, B, C, E, F and G docks will be in effect with all future billing. Slip rates remain unchanged for D dock as this was done following completion of renovations.

Remember, we ask that you unplug your boats and do not run electricity to have your heat pumps running on your boat unless you are here and using it. Please empty your refrigeration systems as well. Electricity does go out during winter storms and I would hate to see what will happen in your frig!

Try and stay warm this winter. Remember, spring is only a few months away!