Marina Winterization Schedule

winterization marinaWinterization of the marina’s water system is planned for the first week of December, 2015.
That means:
• no water on any docks
• pump-out closed
• spigot for our drinking water closed
• all bath houses except for the main one at the pool will be closed and locked for the winter season.

The Bath House #1 near E Dock is already winterized in preparation for renovation.
As usual the Main Bath House at the Pool House will remain available over the winter.

Hurricane Joaquin Preparations

Hurricane JoaquinHurricane Joaquin Preparations

Although the exact track of this storm remains uncertain, the possibility that this storm will affect our area of the Chesapeake Bay is increasingly likely. All Stingray Point Marina slip holders are advised to begin their storm preparations as soon as possible. Please be aware that slip holders, not Stingray Point Marina, are responsible for securing their boats and personal property on marina premises.

Please monitor this storm to keep yourself informed. You can click on the image at right to go to the National Hurricane Center updates on Joaquin. Additionally, we have links on our website to a variety of sources for weather information, including a link to the Hurricane Center, where you can see path and timing forecasts. We will be monitoring the situation as well. Below are recommendations for preparing your boat for potential effects of this hurricane, whether it stays offshore or veers closer to us.

Recommended Procedures for a Potential Tropical Storms or Hurricane

Tropical storms have sustained winds from 39 mph to 73 mph and hurricane-force winds start at sustained winds 74 mph. This can cause significant damage to boats that are improperly secured. Deltaville is currently in the “cone of uncertainty” path of this hurricane, so boat owners should take the following precautions well in advance of the storm’s projected arrival:

Boats in slips:
• Reduce windage by removing headsails (including furled jibs), mainsails, sail covers, biminis, dodgers and other canvas.
• Remove life rafts and other large objects that can catch wind.
• Check for chafe and wear on dock lines and replace or double lines if necessary. Insert chafing gear in chocks if chocks wear substantially on dock lines.
• Check batteries for charge and charge if needed. Electricity to the docks may be lost or turned off if the storm surge is over the docks. Best not to leave food stored in the boat’s ice box.
• Bilge pumps should be on automatic.
• Port lights and hatches should be securely closed in watertight conditions.
• Any flags should be lowered and stowed
• Halyards should be pulled away from the mast and snugged securely. Close fuel and all overboard sea cocks.
• Most of these storms have significant storm surge. Please ensure that your lines can be adjusted from the dock. We will NOT go aboard boats to adjust lines.
• Boats on the Dinghy Racks should be lashed down or remove and taken home.
• Remove contents from dock boxes to prevent damage due to flooding
Begin to implement your plan at the first forecast that the projected path includes Southern Chesapeake Bay, this will give you several days to execute your plan.

In Hurricane Isabel and Irene, the storm surge was six to seven feet above mean high tide; waiting to the last minute is very risky. The docks, pilings, and some seawalls were all underwater. Boats left in slips that are not properly secured present a danger to themselves, to other boats and property, and to persons in the area. If your boat causes damage to another boat or to marina property, you may be held financially responsible.

Boat Owner Identification: For owners planning to move their boat to upriver locations, Authorities with VMRC and Middlesex County have requested that each boat have the boat owner’s name, vessel name, and contact information placed in a watertight plastic bag and placed somewhere easily accessible, such as unlocked cockpit locker or lazarett. This will allow them to contact the boat owner if needed after a storm.

If you want to be hauled out, contact your preferred yard early to ensure you get a spot.

The marina now has a webcam, which will allow you to see the conditions at the marina (as long as electricity and internet are working).

Thank you for being aware and prudent for everyone’s safety.
—Stingray Point Marina

Family Fun Day

family fun day dinghy raceFamily Fun Day was a great success. The blind dinghy races were a big hit! Parents rowed the dinghy while blind folded and the kids instructed the parent what direction to row–hah! The spectators had so much fun watching the chaos ensue. The kids also competed in a variety of pool games. Can’t wait for next year’s Family Fun fun day pool games










Photos by Peggy Kellum.


marina bicycles

Stingray Point Marina now has bicycles available for use by our slip holders. Enjoy a little tour around the marina, or get adventurous and explore the beauty of the area.

We’re Best of the Bay!

Best of the Bay

Stingray Point Marina came in first place in 3 categories in “Best of the Bay”, Cheseapeake Bay Magazine’s annual survey. We are so excited.
The categories that we came in first place:
• Best Marina for Natural Environment

• Best Dog-Friendly Marina

• Best Dock Master—Lisa Morrow (Yeah!)

Thank you all who voted for us. The June issue of Chesapeake Bay Magazine shows the full results of the survey.